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“Horses are a doorway to our own humanity and spirituality.”

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Chiron Rising invites you…

…to step into a world of horses to discover your humanity, spirituality, gifts, power, and so much more in a way that is both amazing and unique. Whether you are coming alone, with your family, friends, or coworkers you will be amazed at what you discover with our horses.

Horses allow us to find connection in all forms, at all levels. Connection with one another, with the horses, the world around us, and most importantly connection with ourselves and with God.



Chiron Rising invites you on a unique journey of self-discovery, personal development, transformation, and connection with the help of our horse teachers. Participate in horse-based, on the ground exercises that require no previous horse experience for a reawakened and connected heart, mind, body, and spirit.

With the power of the herd and the support of facilitators, you will be able to achieve deeper self-awareness, confidence, leadership, resilience, communication and more.

Are you ready to rise?

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